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Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

Reduces particulate mass in the exhaust stream up to 99%.

Coated with noble metals and tailored to the installation requirements of the individual customer application, DEUTZ Diesel Particulate Filter support smooth, secure and continuous regeneration - without the need for regular maintenance or additional operating liquids. The use of reliable turbocharger technology – especially compared to EAT systems that rely exclusively on SCR – allows for optimum engine performance within the entire rpm-range. A surface temperature of max. 250 °C provides additional safety during operation.

Product features

  • High ash absorption reduces downtime and cleaning costs
  • Safe regeneration of soot load during engine operation
  • Best-in-class engine dynamics and torque curve as well as fuel consumption compared with SCR-only strategy
  • Already compatible with local and future legislation
  • Cost effective refurbished Xchange DPF with full warranty available