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Emission Downgrade

Safe and economic modification of DEUTZ engines with stage IIIB / IV / TIER 4 interim emission levels.

Field Emission Downgrade (EDG)

DEUTZ engines with emission levels of stage IIIB / IV / TIER 4 interim are designed for the use of high-quality fuels, which are available in countries that are subject to the current exhaust emission legislation. Sale and export of used equipment in so-called secondary markets makes it necessary for the engines to be modified, in order to ensure safe and trouble-free operation. Among other things, combustion and exhaust after-treatment system need to be adapted to the higher sulfur content in diesel fuel in secondary markets.

DEUTZ Service offers cost-effective Emission-Downgrade-Kits that are individually matched to the engine type and system, allowing for market-oriented prices for used machines. DEUTZ also offers new engines that are downgraded to stage IIIA / TIER 3, providing excellent performance without exhaust gas after-treatment.

Downgrade Kits are available within the DEUTZ Service Network - you can find your local DEUTZ Partner here.

Your Benefits

  • Increased market range for used equipment with the latest engine EAT technology
  • Optimized Emission Downgrade Kits allow for economic engine modification
  • Downgrade kits are available within the global DEUTZ Service Network
  • Stage IIIA / TIER 3 – certified, new engines with downgrade available
  • EDG for engines TIER 4 final available soon