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The engine company. DEUTZ®

Operating Liquids

DEUTZ Premium Additives

Boost your performance.

With DEUTZ Premium Additives, you can now increase your engines performance and save on operating costs. Our specialized fuel additives and urea solutions are the perfect match for your engine.

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Cooling System Conditioner

Protection all year round.

All water-cooled engines require a protective agent to protect the cooling system and maintain the long-term function of the engine. Our DEUTZ cooling system protection is a perfect match for your DEUTZ engines - for safe protection all year round.

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The perfect match for your engine.

The use of high quality lubricating oils is essential for reducing wear and increasing the engine´s overall reliability. Genuine DEUTZ oils provide highest protection against wear and the buildup of deposits and help to reduce oil and fuel consumption.

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DEUTZ Oil Check

The fitness check for your engine.

The analysis of lube oil reliably provides early indications of increased wear and impending equipment failures – long before they can become a problem. Regular lube oil analysis with the DEUTZ Oil Check allows you to avoid costly damages and increase the availability of your machines! 

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