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Rescue or restart: I asked myself this question when I took office as CEO of DEUTZ about two years ago after I got a clear picture of our business situation in China. After in-depth analysis, it became clear to me that we had to rebuild our business in our largest market, from the ground up. That’s exactly what we have done. Today, our business in China is focused upon collaboration and partnerships with three locally-based but globally active industry giants: SANY, China’s leading construction machinery manufacturer; BEINEI, the engine manufacturer; and FAR EAST HORIZON, China’s largest construction machinery rental company. We have defined ambitious goals with all three partners that can take our business in China to new heights.

With great aspirations, we are also approaching a completely new line of business – the ferry business on rivers and lakes. Why? Major cities from Amsterdam and Paris to Venice and Toronto must curtail air and water pollution. They are in the process of converting their inland waterway transport to electric propulsion systems. Our subsidiary Torqeedo specializes in electric propulsion for boats. Therefore, we are very familiar with this business. 

Despite the great opportunities that electromobility also offers on water, we are aware of one thing – we cannot rely on electric motors alone – neither on water nor off-highway. Furthermore, electric motors cannot be the only solution to save the global climate or to position DEUTZ as a future-proof business. That is why we focus on an approach that is open to all types of technology, selecting the best possible drive solution for every individual application. This frame of mind and focus has helped DEUTZ become recognized as one of Germany’s TOP 100 most innovative companies, once again. This award makes me very proud, because it shows that as a business, we are on the right track! 

I hope you find this issue of our magazine inspiring.
Dr. Frank Hiller