Professional tools

DEUTZ Professional Tools

High-quality hand tools made in Germany: Resilient, durable and safe – the perfect match for your workshop.

DEUTZ Wrenches0100_i01l.jpg

  • Chrome vanadium steel forged.
  • Good grip thanks to matt chrome
    plated surface.
  • Jaws set at 15°.


DEUTZ Pliers

  • Cutting edges induction hardened.
  • Ergonomic grip shape for safe and comfortable handling.

DEUTZ Hammers7055_i01l.jpg

  • Precisely forged head with guaranteed
    hardness according to DIN 1193.
  • With forged safety hull and nylon protective
    sleeve for increased safety.
  • Accurately machined edge (chamfer) for
    protection against splintering.

DEUTZ Screwdrivers0620_i02l.jpg

  • Chrome-plated blades made of high-alloyed
    special steel for optimal corrosion protection.
  • Burnished tip for precise, durable fitting into the screw.
  • Soft and anti-slip grip zone made of
    TPE plastic for secure hold with maximum

The DEUTZ Professional Tools shown above as well as many more are available at your local  DEUTZ Service Partner.